Unboxing: September MyBookBox

In September, I was chosen as one of the new MyBookBox reps for the fall. I had never been a rep for a book subscription box before, so needless to say I was thrilled to be chosen. The September box was my very first MyBookBox, and it did not disappoint!

For anyone unfamiliar with MyBookBox, it’s a monthly book subscription box that includes two books from genres you choose, as well as exclusive content and a special gift. That’s right: TWO BOOKS, and some bookish goodies! Can’t go wrong there. *winks and nudges with elbow*

ANYWAY, without further ado, here’s what I received!


One of the genres I chose was Nonfiction, and I got Pancakes in Paris by Craig Carlson, as well as a letter from the author. I love food. I love Europe. And I love fun stories. So this book definitely feels like a winner! It also comes with recipes, which I will try my hand at when I’m craving breakfast or diner food! (Which is almost all of the time.)


The second genre I chose was Women’s Fiction. I got The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan, with a letter from her as well. (Complete with ridiculously cute doodles.) This sounds like a charming read, and will no doubt inspire an urge to quit my job and start up my own mobile bookstore.


Along with the two books, I got this big, truth-speaking canvas bag that just begs me to take it book shopping. And grocery shopping. And on last-minute getaways. Because honestly, I bring books everywhere I go!


Last but certainly not least, I received this adorable tin mug with the iconic C.S. Lewis quote, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” The mug also came with two packets of tea, which I’m eager to try, since I’ve always been more of a coffee person. Gotta expand your horizons sometime, right?

All in all, the September MyBookBox had the most cozy, cheerful vibe, which is perfect for the beginning of fall. If you are interested in signing up for the October box (which I am willing to bet will knock our socks off), use code “Megan” to get 15% off. Cheers!


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