Book Tag: Captain America: Civil War

Like several other book bloggers, I wasn’t technically tagged for the Captain America: Civil War book tag, but I saw it at River Moose Reads and really wanted to give it a shot!

I’m a big superhero nerd, and watch every live action movie and TV series that comes out. I personally feel like Marvel is killing it on the big screen more than DC is, but both do pretty well on television. That being said, I’ve seen Captain America: Civil War twice. I am very strongly Team Captain America, but not necessarily against Iron Man. Both teams had their positive and negative points. For this tag, though, I will stick to Team Cap!

Team Captain America

Captain America: Name a character who always does the right thing
The character who immediately came to mind here was Gansey from The Raven Cycle. He always seems intent on making sure everybody and everything is right in the world around him. (Although, to be honest, Gansey comes to my mind pretty much all of the time. I LOVE HIM.)

Falcon: A loyal character
Aedion from the Throne of Glass series! That poor mofo’s whole life dream was to be blood-bound to his cousin, Aelin, and her royal court—even when he wasn’t sure she was alive.

I’d also say Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury. The things he did to protect the Night Court and Velaris… I’m speechless.

Hawkeye: A character who is extremely good at one specific thing
Ronan from The Raven Cycle. He can dream things to life! (Things will probably get Raven Cycle-centric around here, because those characters are my heart.)

If I had to choose a non-Raven Boy, then I’d say Jesper from Six of Crows. He’s one hell of a flirt sharpshooter.

Ant-Man: A character who is just happy to tag along
Noah from—you guessed it—The Raven Cycle. He’s a ghost, so he can’t do a lot to help, but I feel like he tries his best.

Agent 13: A character you’re nervous about
Lorcan from Throne of Glass. I have high hopes for him, but part of me doesn’t know how much we can trust him when it comes to his “love” for evil bitch queen Maeve.

Bucky: A character with great positive character growth
Wylan from Six of Crows! He became my favorite character after reading the book’s sequel, Crooked Kingdom.

I’d also say Lysandra from Throne of Glass, as well as Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter. They all grew into strong, amazing characters!

Scarlet Witch: A character who started out on the wrong side, but ended up joining the team
Snape, Snape, Severus Snape…

Also, Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles. I don’t think I ever saw him as a “bad guy,” but there was a hot minute where I wanted to punch his face. But only for a minute.

Captain American + Bucky: Characters who have been friends for a long time
Gansey + Ronan. (You didn’t think I’d give up the chance to end on a Raven Boys note, did you?)

I’m still relatively new to the book blogging world, so if you’re seeing this and want to give it a try, consider yourself tagged! I’m thinking about creating my own based off of Suicide Squad and other superhero/villain teams. Any ideas?


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