Top 10 Tuesday: Characters I’d Name My Children After

Upon further blog browsing (and, ok, let’s be real: stalking), I learned that Top 10 Tuesday is a thing, and that it was created by The Broke and the Bookish!

I adore lists, and I find it serendipitous that this week’s topic was the first I came across, because I’ve said multiple times that I would name my hypothetical future daughter Eevee, after the Pokémon (spelling still under consideration). I even told my mom I would do this.

That being said, this week’s T10T list, Characters I’d Name My Children After, is right up my alley because I’ve obviously legit thought about this, even if I’m still on the fence about having children. (I like to sleep, eat/drink things while they’re still hot and just be generally lazy too much.) But this could also work for future fur children, or if anyone in my family needs name inspiration at any time—they just better READ THE BOOK THE NAME COMES FROM OR SO HELP ME.

*Ahem* Anyway. On with the list!


77493_originalIf you’ve read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, you know just how badass Feyre is, which is why I would want to name my daughter after her. Even if you liked A Court of Mist and Fury more than ACOTAR (or even if you hated ACOTAR), you can’t deny Feyre had strength and cunning and loyalty inside, just waiting to be unleashed for the right reasons. I would want my daughter to have similar traits, and to know that love means she never deserves to be treated badly. Not to mention, the name Feyre is beautiful in itself!


22299763After finishing Crooked Kingdom, the second book in the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo, I have been rooting for and fangirling over Wylan SO HARD. He had amazing character growth; turned out to be so brave, smart and good-hearted; and just really proved that anyone can overcome their “weaknesses.” I think my son would be honored to share a name with him!


this_savage_song_coverThis Savage Song by Victoria Schwab is the most recent book I’ve read, and I fell in love with August Flynn right away. Even though he’s considered a “monster,” he really just wants to be human or a good person or just the complete opposite of a monster in a world overrun with them. I wanted to protect him from everything! And I feel like that’s how moms feel about their children, so having a son named August seems appropriate.


cover_ravenboys_300If my future daughter is anything like me, she will be a bit odd, fiercely feminist and possibly eccentric style-wise, with hopefully a snappier sense of humor. Basically, she will be Blue from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. And if she can find loyal and loving friends like those Raven Boys, I would be one happy mom. (Although, if she finds a Gansey, I will be jealous af.)


5-36No, this is not a play on the whole Blue/Jane thing in The Raven Cycle, even though that would be hilarious if I had daughters named Blue and Jane. When I say Jane, I’m referring to Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, which is my favorite classic novel. Jane was a strong and daring woman, and willing to hold onto her values and beliefs when others were not. Plus, the name Jane has that classic ring to it you don’t hear as much these day.


d660f7b0d37e0677eae07c7e200c1aa8Ok, so these names aren’t from a book—they’re from a TV show. Supernatural, to be exact. Dean is my favorite Winchester brother, and is the biggest cinnamon roll I’ve ever watched shoot ghosts and stab demons. I also like the character Charlie, because she is one proud, brave geek. Either name would be great for a son, and Charlie has the added benefit of being a cute daughter name, too.


doctor_sleepI know this sounds like another Pokémon reference, but hear me out first! In Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, grown-up Dan Torrence meets a girl named Abra, who has psychic/supernatural abilities. They end up making a great pair; she’s tough-as-nails for a kid, and she really helps Dan sort out his post-murder hotel issues. I will admit that I’ve been dying to ask King if he was thinking of the Pokémon when naming her, because Abra is a psychic-type Pokémon, but isn’t it just the cutest name for a girl? Like, unexpectedly cute? No? Just me? Ok.


spider-gwen_vol_2_2_chiang_variant_textlessSpider-Man is my favorite superhero, so ever since Marvel came out with the retelling, Spider-Gwen, I’ve been wanting to check out the comics. I LOVE the idea of Gwen getting bitten by the spider and gaining superpowers instead, and I think having a daughter named after my favorite web-slinger(s) would be awesome!


These names are from totally different books, but don’t they just sound amazing together?? I would totally name my fraternal twins Aidan and Aelin.

51vpagsvayl-_sy344_bo1204203200_Aidan comes from Illuminae, and if you’re familiar with the story, you might be thinking, “Megan, that’s an insanely creepy thing to name your son after.” And to that I say, true! But seeing as how the sequel, Gemina, was released today, I needed a way to celebrate. Plus, I am 99.999% sure the real (“real”?) AIDAN is going to end up being an awesome character in the end.

eos-coverAs for Aelin, I got that name from none other than the Queen of Terrasen herself! While Aelin admittedly annoys me a bit in the Throne of Glass series, she is a force to be reckoned with, and I assume all children annoy their parents sometimes anyway. Also, I believe Aelin will be a truly good leader and person in the end, and who wouldn’t want that for their daughter?

Well, that wraps up my list! See any of your favorite names/characters anywhere?




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