November Book Challenge


Melanie and I are back at it again! We had so much fun creating and hosting our October Book Challenge, we put our heads together and came up with new quotes and prompts for November!

If you’d like to join us, just use the hashtag #WatermelaNerdsNovember on your photos, and repost the challenge photo on Instagram so we know you’re in! We’ll be featuring our favorites at the end of each week.

Again, I thought it might be helpful to write out the challenge prompts here, in case of readability issues with the challenge photo, as well as to offer guidance. As you’ll see, we’ve included quotes from popular books and movies along with each prompt, but don’t feel like you have to use that book or movie in your photos! Each one is completely up to your own interpretation.

Here’s the list:

Day 1: “It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read.”
November TBR
What do you plan on 
reading in November? This can be one book or many.

Day 2: “Perhaps I feel safest when I think of nothing.”
Make time to read today (Stress Awareness Day)
Everyone gets caught up in the stress and business of daily life, so make time to read or do something else relaxing today, and show us what it was!

Day 3: “She always forgets I don’t like corned beef.”
Book + Sandwich (Sandwich Day)
Sandwiches are such an underrated food; give them some love and show us your favorite.

Day 4: “Turn to page three hundred and ninety-four.”
Page 3, Line 9, Word 4
In any book, turn to page 3, line 9 and the 4th word in that line. What did you get? Something ominous, we hope!

Day 5: “The beautiful thing about books was that anyone could open them.”
Book Lovers Day
This is a bit of a freebie day, so you can celebrate Book Lovers Day any way you like!

Day 6: “One can never have enough socks.”
Dumbledore said it best. Take this iconic Bookstagram photo with any pair you fancy.

Day 7: “I am frequently underestimated. I think it’s because I’m short.”
Favorite Short Story
We think short stories can be underestimated when compared to novels. Tell us which short story is your favorite, or what author you love who is a master at crafting them.

Day 8: “All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen.”
Book that started your love for reading (Young Readers Day)
What book inspired your love for reading as a kid, or whenever that shifting point in your life was?

Day 9: “If we’re going to kiss, it has to be book-worthy.”
Colleen Hoover Appreciation
We know the ever-popular Colleen Hoover will inspire many of you for this prompt! What book of hers is your favorite? How many do you own? Do you have any CH-inspired 

Day 10: “Sugar… Not for my coffee, you podge.”
Book + Beverage
Are you a coffee person? Tea? Show your favorite beverage some love.

Day 11: “Is there no way out of the mind?”
Favorite Poem / Poet
Is there a specific poem that has stuck with you in life? Or a poet you really connect with?

Day 12: “You have nice manners for a thief and a liar.”
Favorite Antagonist
Every hero needs a good antagonist. Most of the time, we love to hate them. But sometimes, we just love them. Who is your favorite?

Day 13: “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly.”
Bookstragram Shoutout (World Kindness Day)
Spread kindness today by giving fellow Bookstagrammers a shoutout today, whether they’re your best of friends, favorite feeds, or new accounts you think people should know about!

Day 14: “You’re better than waffles.”
Book + Breakfast
Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day. What do you usually feast on? Or are you just a coffee-and-go person? Do you prefer brunch? Let us know! (This can be breakfast you had any time, not just this day.)

Day 15: “To really be a nerd, she’d decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.”
Current Read
What are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it? If you’re not reading anything at the moment, what do you plan on reading next?

Day 16: “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me.”
Favorite Heroines
Share with us some of your favorite, most kickass heroines and why you love them. Are they smart? Powerful? Funny? Saviors of planets? 

Day 17: “You foul, lying, evil little cockroach!”
Best Betrayal
Whether you saw it coming or not, some betrayals are just too good to ignore. Which was your favorite and why?

Day 18: “So you’re the guy with the case full of monsters, huh?”
Fantastic Beasts release!
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them officially hits theaters! Show us some Newt Scamander and magical creature love, and let us know if you’re going to see the movie!

Day 19: “Nobody gets to stay the same.”
Epic Character Growth
Most characters go through at least some development, but others grow so much they become a completely different person! What character do you feel had the most epic growth? Was it positive, or positively villainous?

Day 20: “We’d better eat before we raise hell.”
Book + Food
Pick a food, any food! We just like to see what people eat. (Is that weird? Nah, totally normal.)

Day 21: “I’m Hermione Granger, by the way, who are you?”
5 Facts About Me (World Hello Day) 
Let’s face it: Bookstagram is a big place, and it can be hard to get to know everyone. Introduce yourself and tell us five things about you, so we can all be friends!

Day 22: “It’s a dinglehopper!”
Favorite piece of merch you own
This can be an item related to books, fandoms, or anything out there in pop culture.

Day 23: “That was the most awkward Wednesday he ever remembered.”
Cringeworthy Scenes
What scenes make you cringe, roll your eyes, close the book and take a deep breath, etc.? (Can be a specific scene or general themes.)

Day 24: “We thank you very sweetly.”
I’m thankful for… (U.S. Thanksgiving) 
It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S.! Let us know what you’re thankful for. (Does not have to be book-related.)

Day 25: “Her salary as King’s Champion was considerable, and Celaena spent every last copper of it.”
Recent Purchase (Black Friday) 
In honor of the nightmare that is Black Friday, tell us what you last purchased, or about your most recent bookish mail. 

Day 26: “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.”
29 sleeps ’til Christmas!
We’re totally not still counting or anything.

Day 27: “Harry—yer a wizard.”
Most Predictable Moment
Sometimes even the most iconic moments we all saw coming. What was the most predictable moment in your reading history?

Day 28: “Take the deliciousness of a regular ice-cream cone, times it by a million, then sprinkle it with crushed-up unicorn horns.”
Book + Dessert
Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth (sweet teeth?) by showing us some dessert with your books!

Day 29: “Nothing makes a man so adventurous as an empty pocket.”
November Haul
What books did you obtain this month? (Can be ones you bought or received for free.)

Day 30: “Books and books and books.”
November Wrap-Up
How many books did you read this month? How would you rate them? If you have a reading goal, how much closer are you to reaching it?

That ends the list of prompts! If you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to reach out on here or Instagram. Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!


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