Unboxing: October MyBookBox


I’m not ashamed to admit that this month’s MyBookBox made me squeal with delight as soon as I opened it. The box came with two books in my chosen genres per usual, but also a couple of items inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them—some lucky subscriber even got two free tickets to see the movie in November! Let’s take a peek at the contents of my box, shall we?


The nonfiction book I got this month was The Crash Detectives by Christine Negroni, a veteran aviation journalist and air safety investigator. She investigates airplane crashes throughout history, including the mysterious missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The journalist in me has goosebumps already!


This month’s Women’s Fiction book was Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell. Told through alternating perspectives, it sounds like a story about love and the various journeys of life. I don’t normally read books like this, but I’m really interested in how Mansell incorporates and approaches organ donation, because that’s a very important topic I don’t see much in my usual reading choices!


Perhaps my favorite item in the box was this Butterbeer-scented candle from Labrie Designs. The scent of butterscotch and caramel hit me as soon as I opened the lid, and now I just want to light it and binge watch all of the Harry Potter movies!


My second favorite item in this box was the mini Fantastic Beasts movie poster. I’m currently trying to decide where and how to hang it by my bookshelves. I also love it because it came in handy for my work Halloween party. I dressed up as Newt Scamander, and since no one at my office had a clue who that is, I just showed them the poster and Wingardium Leviosa-ed them out of my cubicle.


Bonus item: This MyBookBox-branded book light! It’s been forever since I’ve owned or used one of these, but now that I have it I don’t know what I’d do without it. Since the sun sets so early in fall and winter, I’ve already used it to read Gemina. (Those black pages with grey text are a nightmare in dim lighting!)

That concludes my unboxing of the October MyBookBox! If you’d like to subscribe (and you know you do!), November boxes are available now. You’ll get two books in the genres of your choice, and if you pick YA, the book will be signed and you’ll get exclusive items from the author! You can also use code “Megan” to get 15% off *winks*



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