Unboxing: November HootLoot


I was chosen a little while ago to rep for HootLoot, and I got my very first box this month. And, guys, seriously… IT IS INCREDIBLE. It was stuffed with awesome book and beauty merch, to the point where I was surprised it didn’t burst open when I cut the tape!

I had a blast unboxing and taking photos of everything, and I’m excited to share it all with you.


This month’s premium box included the anticipated November release, Heartless by Marissa Meyer. Meyer is one of my favorite authors, so I am very much looking forward to reading this beauty!


As for the accompanying merch, first we have this mineral eyeshadow from Printcess, a bookish makeup company. The color is called Jest, which is inspired by a character in Heartless. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m totally going to rock it at all of my upcoming holiday gatherings!


Continuing on with the beauty swag, we have these Alice in Wonderland nail decals and red nail files. I soooo wish I could have worn these decals when I met Marissa Meyer on her Heartless tour, but this is still a great excuse to give myself a manicure!


Next, we have this Love Spell bath bomb from Janet’s Bath Boutique. I’ve never actually used a bath bomb, but the coloring is amazing and I’m hoping it turns my next bath into a straight up magical experience.


Moving on from beauty products, we have this AMAZING candle from Seven Hearts wax co. Titled “James’ Peach,” the candle is inspired by Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, and seriously smells JUST LIKE A PEACH. All I had to do was open the lid, and it was like a barrel of peaches fell on me. In a good way. Rachel, the company owner, also uses wooden wicks, which I’ve never seen before. So I’m excited to light it!


Next, we have this Queen of Hearts magnetic bookmark from Nerdy Grl Designs. It’s SO FREAKING CUTE, I’m not even scared of the Queen of Hearts anymore. (Ok, maybe I still am. Just a little. I’m quite fond of my head, after all.)


Speaking of cute, this month’s box included a mystery mini from Funko’s Alice Through the Looking Glass line, and I got the Cheshire Cat! His grin is much less creepy in this mini form. I think he’ll be a good companion for my regular-sized Cheshire Funko Pop.


Next, we have this “Becky with the Good Books” pin and little bag of Jolly Ranchers. The pin cracked me up when I saw it, and now I must ponder what I should attach it to. And then pick out all of the cherry Jolly Ranchers, because those are the best and I WILL fight about it.


Lastly is this customizable magnetic picture frame. I have no idea how I’m going to design it, or what photo I’ll display inside, but it’s a great size for my desk at work!

Aaaaand that’s everything! I told you the box was stuffed!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with HootLoot, it’s part book box and part beauty box. You buy each month’s box on its own, so it’s great for those who don’t want to commit to a subscription. There are also three different size and pricing options, which helps fit into every budget! The largest option includes a new YA book, one bath/beauty sample, one or two premium bookish items, and one or two small bookish items. Plus, each month one random box will have an extra premium gift inside!

The December box is on sale now until the end of the month, and the theme will be “To the Stars.” Sound fabulous? You betcha! Order yours today!


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