T10T: Gifts to Buy the Potterhead in Your Life

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Happy Tuesday! I’m sad the Thanksgiving holiday is already over, but in less than a month the Christmas holiday will hit, and that’s even better. So if you haven’t been thinking about/buying presents for your loved ones, you might want to get your ass in gear!

Fortunately, this week’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt was a holiday gift guide freebie, and I decided to focus on gifts you can buy for the Potterhead in your life, because everyone knows at least one person who loves Harry Potter. Right? If not, then maybe the Potterhead is you, and this can be a handy guide for what to put on your own Christmas list!

  1. Harry Potter-inspired candlesil_570xn-996089795_lfzv
    Bookish candles are always a good gift, because they help set the mood and make reading experiences 100 times better, look pretty on shelves and in photos, and are relatively inexpensive. Many shops sell sets of candles that have scents inspired by Hogwarts Houses and places in the HP books and movies, such as these from Novelly Yours.

  2. Marauder’s Map planneril_570xn-1017027478_9ryj
    Does the Potterhead in your life also need help with organization? Get them this planner from IceyDesigns. The cover has the look and feel of the Marauder’s Map, and you can also get inside pages that have the old-timey feel.

  3. A custom wandil_570xn-1019574409_5vwj
    There are a ton of shops on Etsy that create and sell handmade wands, so get your loved one a wand that suits them, such as one from ComeWhatMayCreations.

  4. Hogwarts House pencil sethouse_large
    If your Potterhead is also a student, writer, or stationary fanatic, a set of these House-themed pencils from Hollyvander’s will surely be a perfect gift.

  5. Hogwarts House-themed book jacketsscreenshot-2016-11-28-19-13-23
    Juniper Books makes gorgeous House-themed book jackets, which are perfect for well-worn hardcovers or to stand out on a bookshelf. Just make sure your Potterhead has the right books, because the jackets only fit certain American and UK editions!

  6. An art printwizard-house-divided-daring-raven-prints
    If you have no artistic skill of your own, you can buy a hand-drawn art print that will still convey that touch of personalization and look brilliant on your loved one’s wall. There are a ton of options out there, especially on Etsy and Society6. I personally love the stuff from Alexis Lampley, aka Drop and Give Me Nerdy, who created this House Divided print.

  7. Golden Snitch bracelet or necklaceil_570xn-416451794_po1k
    For the accessory-loving Potterhead, look no further than a pretty golden snitch necklace or bracelet, like this one from EnchantedLeaves.

  8. Sorting Hat bath bomb20160530_151126000_ios
    It’s likely your loved one has already sorted him or herself into a House on Pottermore, but it would still be fun to have fate choose! This bath bomb from Geeky Clean contains either a lion, badger, snake, or raven charm to reveal which House the user is about to get into bath with.

  9. A Funko Pop! figuredsc_0549-copy
    These little guys are popular with booknerds and pop culture enthusiasts alike, and Funko has released tons of Harry Potter figures. Choose your loved one’s favorite character, or help them complete a set if they already own some. If you’re feeling crafty, you could also make a character if Funko hasn’t released it yet, like I did with Ginny.

  10. A bookmarkmb127
    Is your Potterhead currently using post-it notes or some other drab way to mark their place in their favorite books? Get them a fun, sturdy Harry Potter-inspired bookmark, such as the ones from MyBookMark.

I hope this list gives you some ideas for what to get the Harry Potter fan in your life for the holidays! (Or for yourself; like I said, no judgment here.)

Note: All photos are courtesy of the shops specifically mentioned, aside from the Funko photo. That one is mine.


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