Review: The Melting Library’s Empire of Storms Sampler

As my love for bookish candles expands, I continue to look for more shops that will feed my addiction. I had been wanting candles from The Melting Library for a while, because I kept hearing great things, but the store sells out quickly. Like, RIGHT AWAY. ALL OF THE TIME.

Fortunately, I was stalking Instagram Stories one day, and the shop shared a tweet that they had recently stocked some backorder Empire of Storms samplers on Etsy. I snapped one up before I could even check with my wallet first! Unfortunately, I didn’t really know what “backorder” meant, i.e. how long it would take to receive the candles, and I couldn’t find any information on that anywhere. But it didn’t seem like a big deal, since I wasn’t in a hurry to receive them (just eager, of course).

I think it ended up taking about a month or so for me to receive the sampler. After a few weeks, I reached out to the store on Etsy, just trying to get an idea of when they would be shipped. I never got a response, so I then reached out to the new shop page and through Instagram. I finally got an email that their tin shipment was delayed, but that I would receive the candles soon. And once they were shipped, I got them really quickly and they smelled great! I guess I just with the customer service had been a bit better. But the shop was going through a transition from Etsy to their new website, so I try to give them the benefit of the doubt for that.

As for the candles, I really enjoyed the scents Raquel put together, as well as the look of the labels. Here are the details:


Everyone’s favorite grumpy Fae smells like dead leaves, smoke and wood. I wasn’t sure if I would like it much, because I’m not a huge fan of woodsy scents, but DAMN. I’d roll around with Lorcan in the woods if he smelled this good.


Elide is kind yet feisty, so the sweet and spicy scent of wild elderberries and cinnamon fits her perfectly! Though, admittedly, I’ve never actually smelled elderberries before, so I’m still trying to acquaint myself with that scent.


Manon is not only one of my favorite Maas characters, but now also one of my favorite candles. The mixed scent of ice, iron and peppermint is the right kind of cool and crisp for this powerful witch! And the red swirl in the candle itself is a nice touch. I’m just not sure how well the scent won’t throw around a room, because it is a bit subtle.


Abraxos is one adorable beast, and his candle is just as huggable. It smells like wildflowers and leather, which is also a subtle scent, but now I feel like I finally have my own itty bitty


I think Carranam is my least favorite candle in the sampler. Meant to smell like a mix of Rowan and Aelin, it’s a combination of pine, snow, lemon verbena and burning fire. This sounds amazing in theory, but right now I literally only smell lemon. I think it’s overpowering the other three. Maybe once I burn it, the other scents will shine through? (Plus, what’s with that super uncentered wick? haha)


I was prepared to like Skull’s Bay the least, because the idea itself was underwhelming compared to the badassery of the other five, but I actually like it a lot. It’s a mix of ocean breeze, coconuts and palm trees to symbolize the pirate town, and it works! I honestly think if I burned this candle while reading EoS, I would feel like I was in Skull’s Bay.

All in all, I’m glad I was able to snap up this sampler before it sold out. I think I will love having the candles around and lit when the next Throne of Glass book comes out (if I can resist burning them until then). Actually, when DOES the next book come out? Anyone know? What are your favorite bookish candle shops?


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