T10T: Favorite Ships

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Happy Tuesday, and happy Valentine’s Day! I have been absent from the blogosphere for about a week, because I was on vacation in Iceland and totally forgot to schedule posts while I was away (whoops). But I’m excited to be back, especially in time for a Top 10 Tuesday post about my favorite ships!

I’m not huge on romance novels or romance in novels, but there are several relationships I can’t help but love, as well as relationships I would love to see happen. Here are the top 10 (I apologize if any are a bit spoiler-y):

  1. Wylan + Jesper (Six of Crows)sixofcrows
    Literally my favorite ship in the entire world of ships. I could sense their minor flirtations early on in Six of Crows, and immediately was on board. Needless to say, Crooked Kingdom slayed me, and I think they really helped each other evolve! So if you hear my talk about “WySper” all the time, don’t be surprised.

  2. Hermione + Krum (Harry Potter)harry_potter_and_the_sorcerers_stone
    I get some flack for this opinion, but I thought Krum was super cute and more deserving of Hermione than Ron. I know Hermione always loved Ron deep down, but I just thought he was kind of a jackass.

  3. Celaena + Chaol (Throne of Glass)tog-nyt-cover
    While Heir of Fire was my favorite book in this series as a whole, Crown of Midnight was my favorite in regards to romance. I don’t dislike Rowan, but I loved the dynamic between Celaena and Chaol more than Aelin and Rowan. Mates be damned!

  4. Scarlet + Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles)cinder-book-cover
    While I liked all of the ships in this series, Scarlet and Wolf are my favorite. I love their fierce loyalty to each other, and Scarlet’s acceptance of Wolf no matter what the evil Lunars did to him. Alphas for life!

  5. Simon + Blue (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda)10015384-_sy540_
    These two had me flailing and squealing the whole time I read this book. Their emails to each other were so adorable, and it just kept getting cuter when they finally met each other.

  6. Katniss + Peeta (The Hunger Games)the_hunger_games
    Gale who??

  7. Feyre + Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses)77493_original
    I feel like most of us agree that we were Team Tamlin in ACOTAR, to the point where we are ashamed now that we know how stupid he is and how amazing Rhysand is.

  8. Harry + Ginny (Harry Potter)
    There is just something so cute about Ginny’s crush on Harry as a kid and Harry’s crush on Ginny as a teenager evolving into their marriage. Plus, I feel like Ginny is the perfect person to take Harry’s self-absorbed attitude down a few pegs.

  9. Aedion + Lysandra (Throne of Glass)
    I turned into a puddle the minute Aedion told Lysandra he was going to marry her when she got done going completely badass on their foes. So don’t even get me started about what happened at the end of Empire of Storms and how I desperately need him to fix the error of his dumb male ways!!!

  10. Gansey + Me (The Raven Cycle)
    It counts, ok!

What is your favorite ship? Or one you absolutely can’t stand?


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