National Poetry Month: A Favorite Poem

I don’t read a ton of poetry, so I don’t talk much about it on my blog. But, seeing as how it’s National Poetry Month, I thought I would share one of my favorite poems, by one of my favorite writers: Sylvia Plath. Her work really speaks to me, and I hope it speaks to you as well.


There is this white wall, above which the sky creates itselfβ€”
Infinite, green, utterly untouchable.
Angels swim in it, and the stars, in indifference also.
They are my medium.
The sun dissolves on this wall, bleeding its lights.

A grey wall now, clawed and bloody.
Is there no way out of the mind?
Steps at my back spiral into a well.
There are no trees or birds in this world,
There is only sourness.

This red wall winces continually:
A red fist, opening and closing,
Two grey, papery bagsβ€”
This is what I am made of, this, and a terror
Of being wheeled off under crosses and rain of pietas.

On a black wall, unidentifiable birds
Swivel their heads and cry.
There is no talk of immorality among these!
Cold blanks approach us:
They move in a hurry.

The line “Is there no way out of the mind?” is one of my favorite sentences in the history of sentences. While dark, I find it (and Plath’s work in general) relatable in many ways.

Do you have a favorite poem or poet?


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