My Dream Reading Space

Happy Tuesday, nerds! I was recently motivated by Arhaus to imagine what my dream reading space might look like, and I thought it would be fun to talk about that on my blog.

Since this space takes place in a hypothetical home with a hypothetical budget, the sky is the limit! I drew some inspiration from different pieces of furniture and décor at Arhaus, various Pinterest boards, and a color scheme my current bookshelves and furniture already have. Let’s dive in!

I’m absolutely obsessed with white bookshelves because, to me, they look really clean and elegant. I’ve always imagined my reading space to have floor-to-ceiling bookcases, preferably with the square/cube-shaped shelves rather than the long, rectangular kind.

Arhaus had a great section of their site dedicated to design trends, and I was immediately drawn to the Easy Elegance department. There was this super cozy-looking sofa that I can picture sprawling out or curling up on with a cup of coffee. It’s completely white, though, so I’d have to be careful not to spill!

I also imagine the space having big windows draped with long curtains for lots of natural light, as well as something like pendant lighting or this geode chandelier from Arhaus when the sun goes down. Since I own tons of bookish candles, I also like the idea of having one or two tables where I could set and light them, and extra display/storage for prints and other book merch. Or maybe a cabinet that could also be a nook for coffee preparation! (I’m addicted to espresso, what else can I say?)

A reading space wouldn’t be complete without some cozy blankets, rugs, and pillows, and I would love for these to add pops of colors like grey, purple, or pale pink or green. There could also be an accent wall with some elegant, floral wallpaper. Just some things to break up the white of my shelves and sofa!

I also picture having my gorgeous Obvious State prints framed and hung up on the walls, because they would add some extra class to the space.

That pretty much sums up my ideas for my dream reading space, but I’m sure it will evolve as time goes on! If you’d like a better look at some of the items that gave me inspiration for this post, I have a Dream Library board on Pinterest that you can view.

How do you imagine your dream reading space?




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