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The Avengers Book Tag


Ok, so I’m posting this really late, but since I just rented and watched Thor: Ragnarok last night in anticipation of The Avengers: Infinity War, I wanted to squeeze The Avengers Book Tag in for Book Tag Thursday!

Iron Man

Favorite first book


I loved the whole trilogy, but The Hunger Games as a first book holds a special place in my heart!

Captain America

Book that takes place in a different time period


I was waffling between going back in time or into the future, but I ultimately decided on the 1800s!


A book character you liked more after they were cast


When I read the Harry Potter series, I absolutely loathed Snape from beginning to end. Alan Rickman made me hate him just a liiiiittle bit less.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

A book with a sibling duo

gentlemans guide

Monty and Felicity were such a relatable sibling duo, and I’m excited to see them again in the sequel, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy!


A villain you love (and can’t help but be attracted to)


While Holland is more of a grey area character than a villain, he still does some pretty messed up shit… that I’d willing to overlook in order to let the sparks fly.


A book you’ve been meaning to read


I met Laini Taylor on the tour for Strange the Dreamer forever ago, but have I read it yet? …Nope.


A book you can’t talk about without getting angry


A few of my friends and I decided to buddy read Wintersong, and we were excited going into it because so many people adore it. We, however, were not impressed. I don’t necessarily get angry when I talk about it, I just get irritated because I was so disappointed!

Black Widow

A side character that you wish you their own book


I would read a whole book about Sevro doing Sevro things, no matter how mundane those things may be.


A character with a hidden life


Ronan Lynch has quite a handful of secrets he plays close to the vest, particularly about his family!

Feel free to do this tag if you’re interested, and let me know if you do!


2 thoughts on “The Avengers Book Tag”

    1. Can’t wait to see it! For some reason Hawkeye wasn’t in the original tag that I saw everywhere, so I added him haha


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