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Classic 90’s Movies Book Tag

Happy Thursday, y’all! I recently saw a book tag that incorporated 90’s movies, but it was a few years old and I wanted to put my own spin on it with movies I distinctly remember watching, either during the 90’s or later on. Thus, the Classic 90’s Movies Book Tag was born! Please feel free to tag me or let me know if you do this tag. I had fun coming up with movies and prompts!


The Matrix

Your favorite science fiction book or series

The Illuminae Files, hands down! It has action, adventure, hilarious and swoon-worthy characters, as well as a murderous AI… what’s not to love?


Groundhog Day

A recurring trope or theme you can’t seem to get away from

Ok, so this isn’t a trope or theme necessarily, but a running joke I have on my Instagram/Bookstagram account is that I can’t stop seeing the quote, “They let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding” (or some iteration of it) in almost every book I read. It’s seriously EVERYWHERE.

sixth sense

The Sixth Sense

A book with an ending you didn’t see coming

Behind Her Eyes had one of the most unexpected and crazy endings I’ve ever read, which I suppose was part of the draw for people to read it in the first place. I did see some reviews where people weren’t too happy about it, though!

hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus

A book with witches

I’m going with Three Dark Crowns, which I realize is a little off-script, but I don’t read many stories with witches in them and I’m using Throne of Glass later (and I felt like Harry Potter was too obvious). I’m not sure anyone is blatantly referred to as a witch in TDC outside of that creepy nursery rhyme, but some of the characters do “low magic,” so that makes them witches… right?

big lebowski

The Big Lebowski

A character who never fails to make you laugh

Sevro au Barca from the Red Rising series. He can be gross, clever and childish, making him the most hilariously quotable and lovable character I’ve ever known.

nightmare before christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A book that could be classified as two or more genres

Undead Girl Gang was, for me, a paranormal / thriller / contemporary book all in one. Not to mention, funny and feminist!

jurassic park

Jurassic Park

A book or series where characters are facing a non-human threat

IT by Stephen King always comes to mind when I think of a non-human villain, but there are also plenty of fantasy or science fiction books that could technically fit the bill!

space jam.gif

Space Jam

An unlikely group or duo that you can’t help but root for

I feel like the gang in Six of Crows is made up of characters with vastly different personalities, yet somehow they fit together perfectly and I always want them to succeed (even if they’re breaking the law).

truman show

The Truman Show

Clueless character(s) or an unreliable narrator

I can’t get into it without spoilers, but the whole cast of Project Nemesis has no idea wtf is going on or what’s going to happen to them… and it’s AMAZING.

home alone

Home Alone

A character who excels at scheming / setting traps

Aelin from Throne of Glass (told you that it would come up later on!) She infuriates me sometimes, but I have to admit that she is a badass at getting things done.

That wraps up the tag! I hope you enjoyed it and, like I said, please tag or credit me if you decide to do it, too. Can’t wait to see everyone’s answers!


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