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Magical Readathon: Charms Extra Credit TBR

Over the summer, I participated in the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s Magical Readathons hosted by Book Roast, and I enjoyed them immensely! The Harry Potter theme was super fun, and the readathons really helped me get through a bunch of my long-standing TBR books. So, I was very excited to see that she added a small challenge for the month of October that directly relates to the readathons: Charms Extra Credit!

This extra credit challenge is like a mini readathon, running Oct. 8-14,, and will benefit you if you decide to read books for Charms class during the O.W.L.s Readathon next year. I personally crushed Charms during both readathons this year, so there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be reading for it next year, too!

There are five prompts for the extra credit challenge, based on these Harry Potter spells: Alohomora, Accio, Incendio, Rictusempra, and Lumos. Here are the prompts, as well as the books I plan on reading to complete them:


  • Alohomora: A book that’s first in a series: Strange the Dreamer
  • Accio: A book that’s at the top of your TBR: Saga, vol. 4
  • Incendio: A book that has the words “fire” or ‘”flame” in the title/series name, or flame picture on the cover: Dry
  • Rictusempra: A book that “tickles you” (exciting trope/theme/genre): The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
  • Lumos: A book with a light-colored cover: The Merciless II

I don’t have a specific order for these planned, but hopefully I can make it through all five during the challenge week! (I’m also really excited that the cover for The Merciless II is literally bright and golden for Lumos, because I am next-level nerdy.)

Do y’all plan on participating in this or any other type of readathons or reading challenges this month? There’s an accompanying Instagram challenge for Charms Extra Credit, too, if you’d prefer to participate that way!


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