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At-Home Teeth Whitening for My Fellow Coffee-Loving Bookworms

If y’all are anything like me, you love a good mug of coffee (or tea!) in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or pretty much any time, especially while reading. And with all of the different bookish coffee and tea products out there now, the pull to buy and drink all of the warm, caffeinated drinks is strong.

Unfortunately, this obsession also comes with a drawback: coffee and tea stain your teeth! I always heard this from different health-related outlets, but didn’t take it to heart much. I’ve always loved to laugh and—once my teeth were straightened with the help of braces—to smile wide, so I see my teeth every day. (Not to mention brushing and flossing… I promise I do that every day, too!)

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I think seeing our teeth so often kind of blinds us to the yellowing process, because it happens slowly, not instantly. But when I decided to try Smile Brilliant, a professional-grade teeth whitening kit to use at home, I realized just how much my coffee habit was affecting my teeth after all. I took “before” photos—which were very up-close and non-filtered—and when I saw them, I thought, “THAT is how yellow my teeth actually are??” After that, I couldn’t wait to start my whitening process!

Fortunately, Smile Brilliant makes the process super easy. I’m not into doing a lot work for beauty purposes—I usually apply some foundation and mascara in the morning, and may or may not brush my hair, depending on how I feel that day. But all I had to do was create teeth molds (with the pastes that came in the Smile Brilliant kit), send them back to Smile Brilliant so they could make my custom trays, and then use the trays!

The T3 Sensitive System kit that I received comes with whitening gel, as well as desensitizing gel if you’re prone to sensitivity, which I definitely am. I used both gels before bed, gradually lengthening the time I whitened from 45 minutes to about two hours. I also used the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes each time afterward, but when I noticed some extra sensitivity, I upped the time to 20 minutes and was fine! Best of all, while the trays are in and doing their thing, I could read. (Which I was obviously going to do, anyway, so no time wasted!)

After 10 applications over the course of a couple of weeks, I definitely noticed a difference in whiteness. I have very ridge-y teeth, and could actually see where the whitening gel was doing the most work to remove stains and discoloration after each application. On a less detailed scale, I would sometimes catch my own smile in the bathroom mirror or in the camera view while on Skype with my coworkers, and kept cheesing at myself because my teeth looked so much whiter!

I would definitely recommend Smile Brilliant to my fellow coffee- and tea-loving bookworms who want to whiten their teeth after years of staining them. It’s super easy and super effective, unlike most at-home teeth whitening kits. (I remember my best friend attempting to use the strips to whiten at home one year, and let’s just say that neither of us were impressed!)


Coupon and Giveaway

If you’re interested in purchasing a kit or other products from Smile Brilliant, you can use coupon code “themeganerdblog15” to get 15% off (and it never expires)! I’m also hosting a giveaway, where you can win a $149 credit to Smile Brilliant—the price of a T3 Sensitive System kit, like the one I used. Those who enter and don’t win will receive a code for $20 off trays!

To enter, just fill out the form here. The giveaway is open to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States, and ends Nov. 1, 2018. Be sure to follow Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) and me (@meganthemeganerd) on Instagram and share with your friends who would love a chance to win!

Have y’all ever tried any at-home whitening products? Any questions about my experience with Smile Brilliant? Let me know in the comments!

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